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Page Properties

Aimee & Mitch Page
📞(812) 318-0005
📧 Aimee@IUStudentApts.com
✉️ P.O. Box 414, Bloomington, IN 47402

Rara Avis Apartments

Keith & Mary Alice Hoover, Proprietors
📧 Aimee@IUStudentApts.com
✉️ P.O. Box 414, Bloomington, IN 47402

Zeus Properties

Daniel Hoover
📞(812) 272-7381
✉️ P.O. Box 414, Bloomington, IN 47402

With over 40 years in the rental business, we have deep ties to Bloomington and Indiana University.

Keith & Mary Alice Hoover have been in the rental property business in Bloomington, IN for over 40 years with their company, Rara Avis Apartments. Most of the properties on this site are offered through Rara Avis. The Hoover’s second generation of rentals are Zeus Properties, through Daniel Hoover, and Page Properties through Aimee Hoover Page. While there are 3 individual companies, all family members work to support tenants, manage properties, and maintain the rentals together..renting from any of us makes you part of the family.

All of us are IU grads, and we’re in our 4th generation of alumni in our family. We bring a variety of backgrounds to our rental business. So, with 4 generations of IU grads and many family members supporting you as a tenant, having IU student rental properties is personal to us!

Keith Hoover is our patriarch. After a tour in the U.S. Army, he attended both Purdue and Indiana University and earned an MBA from IU. He spent his career in finance and accounting at Westinghouse/ABB, retiring from corporate life in 1993. He was far from retired, however, and kicked the family’s rental property business into high gear along with an HVAC company. He is the subject matter expert in all the repairs and contracting work done on the properties, doing the majority of it himself for 40 years.

Mary Alice Hoover, our matriarch, runs a tight ship with rental payment accounting, tenant turnover, cleaning, and management. She is a specialist in scheduling and anticipating needs after spending 40 years raising children, working full-time jobs, and starting her own home business while managing rental properties simultaneously. She is the “go-to” person in this family business. She received her degree from IU after her children were grown, putting her family first for decades, and now showing the ropes of rentals to the next generations.

Daniel Hoover combines his IU education and previous corporate experience in technology and media with his hands-on education in rental property renovations to create unequaled luxury living spaces for students. Over 20 years, he has set the standard in town for places such as these and continues to dream of the next level of progress with buildings, large and small.

Aimee (Hoover) Page brings a military aspect to the business. After attending the IU School of Music studying music education and French horn, she embarked on her career as a military musician, first with the U.S. Naval Academy Band and then retiring from the U. S. Coast Guard Band. Returning to Bloomington, she engaged in the rental property business as well as taking on the new beginning band program for MCCSC.

​Elaine (Hoover) Becker is a silent partner in the family rental business. After receiving her IU Degree she has spent her career in education in the Midwest school systems and is currently enrolled in a graduate program while raising her family.